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Valet parking has never been so dedicated to services as with Class A Parking. At Class A Parking, no event is too small or too large to accommodate. We take pride in providing exceptional service and making your guest and patrons feel special. First impressions are everything, Why not put your best foot forward with valet parking for your business or event.

Valet Parking Services

Here are a are a few of the clients that our exceptional valet parking services are catered too. Through research and dedicated implementation of out tried and true techniques, our services are sure to please your guests time and time again.

Event Parking:

Atlanta Valet Parking ServicesSpecial events can be a challenge for any business. Whether your company is sponsoring a convention in town or is going to be having a party at the office, parking is often a service that is not thought about until something goes wrong. The regional bosses arrive and find that all of the close parking spots have been taken. Worst of all, they have to park in the lot across the street which has no lighting or security. One of the bosses ends up having her car broken into! Do not let this happen to your next office party or special event. Our valet parking company can provide all of the following benefits:

  • Professional arrival/departure service
  • Prompt, courteous first impression to your guests/employees
  • Secure parking area
  • Full insurance coverage to protect from any possible damages/theft

Weddings Valet Parking Services:

Valet Parking for Wedding in AtlantaWeddings can be a joyous occasion. The bride and the groom have been working to plan this special event for months or even years. While parking is one of the last ideas to come up in the minds of many brides, how will all of your guests park their vehicles? Some event locations simply do not have enough space to accommodate all of the vehicles that a wedding can bring. When a location does not have enough space to park all of your vehicles, it becomes a hassle for the wedding guests and even the wedding party to find parking. However, with a valet service, the bride/groom do not have to worry about a thing. They can instead relax and enjoy their once in a lifetime event. Valet parking can keep brides and grooms at ease by providing the following services:

  • Professional delivery of cars from an off site location back to guests upon desire to leave
  • Complimentary transportation of vehicles on/off site as often as guests require
  • Ability to accommodate small/large groups of wedding guests
  • Secured parking with full insurance coverage to protect guests from any losses
  • Dependable local Valet Parking Service you can count on.

Restaurant Valet Parking:

Atlanta Restaurant Valet ParkingOwning a restaurant can be a very difficult experience. While there are many benefits and rewards to being able to serve your guests as well as deliver an experience that is truly memorable, there are many other problems that a restaurant owner has to think of. Where will my guests park their vehicles? Does my parking lot have enough space to accommodate a large party coming in for a special event or festival? Restaurant owners do not have to tackle these types of problems by themselves. They can instead depend upon a reliable valet parking service which can assist their guests in parking their vehicles and welcome them to a wonderful experience at the restaurant. As valet parking specialist, we have mastered overcoming all the parking issues that our area faces. Valet services at a restaurant can provide all of the following benefits:

  • Professional valets will drive customer vehicles to/from parking lots
  • Special guests can be welcomed quickly, with a high level of service
  • Restaurant owners do not need to worry about finding parking for all of their guests!
  • Parking areas are always monitored and fully insured

Hotel Valet Parking

Hotel Valet Parking ServicesSpending the night in a hotel can be a luxurious experience. While most guests will not even think about the parking experience, having the thought of their vehicle being securely parked will make their stay more enjoyable. While hotels that are built in more rural areas do not have a parking crunch, they should still have a valet. Hotels that are located in major metropolitan areas should always have a valet on location. Parking is typically not available on location and it may be necessary to drive several blocks in order to park a customer’s vehicle. Whether the parking lot is close by or not, having a valet drive the customer’s vehicle saves the customer hassle as well as provides a professional image for the hotel. As valet parking specialist, we know the unique parking challenges that area hotels face. Other benefits that a valet service can provide for a hotel include:

  • Easy arrival/departure service for every hotel guest
  • Special treatment and requested time service for VIP guests that need to be on time to a meeting or special event
  • Valets provide full insurance coverage protecting the hotel from the cost of any damage incurred

Hospital & Medical Facilities:

Hospital Valet Parking ServicesHospitals and medical facilities are among the place where our professionals have to take extra care in providing help to clients. Our Hospital Valet Parking Service helps to ensure that your guest are treated with courtesy, respect, and care. We take exclusive care of our elderly patients with patience and courtesy. Our Valet Parking Company understands that patients visit hospitals for a lot of different things, and some need the extra care and convenience to ensure their stay or visit is as easy for them as possible. By helping to with improved efficiency and traffic flow, it also helps your medical facility reduce costs and liabilities. Other benefits that a valet service can provide for a hospital include:

  • Assistance in and out of the car for both patients and drivers
  • Wheelchairs provided if needed
  • Complete coverage from the weather
  • No extra time needed to park
  • Valet parking for visitors

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