Church Valet Parking

Give your church congregation and visitors a little added care with valet parking service!

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Church valet parking and parking attendants is a new service that is gaining speed. Offer church valet parking as a way to "care for one another". Our church parking valets offer service and a warm smile as your first line of welcome service.

Valet parking for churches is an added benefit to elderly guests during inclement weather. It can make the difference when they are deciding to attend, but feel like the weather is too much for a walk across the parking lot. It also helps with members who may not be able to make it all the way to the door on their own.

Where is it written we don’t greet people until they enter the building? Or parking lot attendants greet all your guests with a warm welcome to make them feel at home and great first impression!

Your members will marvel at this added benefit and surely brag abuot their wonderful church home, that cares!

If valet parking is too much for a smaller church, we also offer a parking lot greeting service. Our greeters can patrol the parking lot. They will be the first to spot your church visitors or problems that needed to be reported.

Our Church Valet Parking service is a significant “value add” in bad weather. We equip attendants with umbrellas to distribute on rainy days. If there’s fresh snow fall put extra attendants on duty to escort people to the sidewalks or dry, sure footing. and we offer rock salt service for those icy Georgia Sundays!

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